Monthly Archives: September 2013

The Rest of the Fab Five

Don’t know what’s been happening in the atmosphere above Minnesota recently, but it’s been windy. Thankfully, this eliminated the need to rent a giant industrial fan to get that “I’m about to do something really heroic” look.




United Way and the Fab Five

United Way of 1,000 Lakes recently launched its annual fund drive. The organization makes important contributions to dozens of non-profits across Itasca County and has launched a new marketing campaign to help build awareness and excitement. At 8am this Monday morning I was out shooting photos of two local superheroes who had obviously eaten their Wheaties. I plan to catch three more in action later this afternoon.



Homegrown featured during shared text project

More than half of the student body at Itasca Community College will read Michael Pollan’s “The Omnivore’s Dilemma,” thanks to the school’s 2013 shared text project. I’m honored that my portraits of local food producers were chosen to exhibit during two months of presentations and panel discussions about agricultural policy, nutrition, and sustainable development. The exhibit opened last Thursday and included a reading of moving, farm-related poetry by Lisa Linrud-Marcis.

Alice and Sons, Grand Rapids, MN

Camp Mishawaka – Winner of the Best Driveway Award

For Mishawaka’s campers, this driveway represents the last leg of a journey that may have started on the other side of the country, or on the other side of the world. Oh to be a ten year old, riding in a towering coach bus, forehead pressed against the window in anticipation of the long summer days ahead . . .

Kudos to Pilot Dan on this shot. He juggled both the hexacopter and camera controllers and managed to keep the craft from entanglement with the nearby branches.

Yes, that’s me. In action.

Location Scouting on the Mesabi Trail

The Mesabi Trail runs from Grand Rapids to Ely and will be more than 130 miles long when complete. Currently, about 115 miles of the trail are paved. We’ve been tossing around some ideas for aerial shots of the trail and scouted out a location along the Prairie River last night.

The hexacopter was out over the river for the above shot. Shortly after the camera was lined up for a picture of the bridge that included the three pillars, a biker passed by, and his yellow shirt helped pop him out of the background. Would like to go back and work on the angle of the shot and location of the biker in the scene.

I can see a whole series of shots similar to this one. Just need a runner or biker in that small section of open trail. Any volunteers out there?

This section of the trail is surrounded by the river, an abandoned mine pit that has since filled with aqua-blue water, and mountainous piles of red overburden. An aerial feast for the eyes, if you will.