Leaves are falling . . .

For the past several months, I’ve been eying a location where the aspen trees are particularly uniform, and a single-track trail winds through them with an easy up-down and left-right grace. Yesterday evening was warm and sunny, so I scouted out the location with my sons Sam and Max. I wanted to see how the fall colors were looking and determine the easiest access point. Turned out the fall colors were perfect, and I imagined how photographs of the area would be imbued with warm evening light.

From the trail, I texted friend and ultramarathoner Tony Pierce, as we had talked about taking a photo in this location in the past. Yes, he answered, he would meet me at the trailhead the next day.

Forward 24 hours, and it’s cloudy, and then its drizzling, and then it’s actually raining. Should we do this? No. Yes. No. Ok, yes, let’s give it a shot.

Because of the weather, the final images are different than I imagined, but they have a quality they wouldn’t have otherwise. This is a lesson I find myself learning over and over lately. It’s ok to move forward in the face of uncertainly. Learn to trust the process . . .


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